The TC Foundation’s Mission

The TC Foundation stands with the following very worthy causes and will support these and other worthy causes long after Tom is able to do so himself. The intention of the charitable foundation is to expand its support for meaningful causes in the following categories: Military / Contractors, Agriculture, Technology, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Special Needs, and Wellness Research & Solutions.

The world is rapidly evolving and the way we live our lives is constantly changing. As such, many core sectors of society have become increasingly important, and their contributions to our way of life cannot be overlooked.

Military and Contractors are perhaps the most essential elements of any society. They are essential for protecting our nation against external threats, as well as providing security and stability within a given country. Additionally, they are necessary for providing employment to citizens, and make an important contribution to the economy.

Agriculture is a sector that is becoming even more important as the world population continues to grow. It is vital to the production of food, and the development of new methods of food production and distribution are essential in meeting the needs of the global population.

Technology is having an increasingly huge impact on the way we live and work. From digital devices to complex software systems, technology has revolutionized many aspects of life and has allowed for greater communication, productivity, and efficiency.

Energy is another essential component of modern life. The development of renewable sources of energy, such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, is essential for providing clean and sustainable energy sources to power homes, businesses, and vehicles.

Entrepreneurs are essential for driving economic growth and development. By creating new companies and products, they are able to create jobs, increase GDP, and expand markets. They also bring fresh ideas and innovation to the market, which helps spur economic growth.

Wellness Research is vital because it contributes to improving public health outcomes by providing scientifically grounded insights and actionable strategies for enhancing individual and community well-being.

Finally, The TC Foundation always maintains support for Special Needs to care for those that need help, but are often overlooked.


  1. Agricultural Farm Agriculture Agricultural Preservation

    A testament to the possibilities that arise when science and sustainability converge, the TC Foundation is working to ensure that the food on our tables is grown responsibly, efficiently, and healthy for consumers. By preserving our farmlands and embracing safe advancements, this initiative shows that efficient agriculture and non-GMO products can coexist, creating a future for farming that benefits everyone.

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  2. Entrepreneur Hub Building Entrepreneurship & Technology Entrepreneurial Campus

    Imagine a place where diverse ideas from engineers, business people, and makers of all kinds combine with access to the knowledge, tools, and the experience of those around them. This is the spark that gives any individual the chance to make the next great idea a reality, a business, a livelihood for the people it employs, and the endless potential for good that comes with it.

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  3. Landscape view of power lines with the sun setting in the background. Energy Diversifying Our Energy

    Our approach includes a diverse range of renewable, efficient energy sources, such as solar, wind, and geothermal power, for reducing our carbon footprint. We're exploring advancements in safe nuclear energy for its high-yield, low-emission power. Modernizing electric grids and developing robust storage are also crucial to ensure reliable and efficient access. We aim to revolutionize energy systems for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

  4. Medical Laboratory Health & Wellness Wellness Research & Preventative Care

    Our commitment to wellness research and preventative health is unwavering, from studying lifestyle factors and their impact on long-term health to exploring cutting-edge technologies in early disease detection. By integrating advanced scientific research with practical health strategies, we aim to provide effective, evidence-based approaches to prevent illnesses, enhance quality of life, and promote overall well-being for everyone. We also address injuries such as TBI and other trauma-induced injuries, focusing on individualized treatment plans using a functional medicine approach.

  5. Sequoia Hospital Foundation Website
    Health & Wellness Sequoia Hospital Foundation

    For nearly four decades, the Sequoia Hospital Foundation has collaborated with the community to fund life-saving programs at Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital, benefiting all patient care departments. Through Tom’s personal connection with Dr. Rob Patrawala and Silicon Valley Cardiology, the TC Foundation contributes to the Sequoia Hospital Foundation with a focus on the Heart and Vascular Institute, encouraging them to continue their exceptional level of patient care and innovation in the Cardiovascular and Cardiac Electrophysiology fields.

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  6. American Snipers Website
    Military & Contractors American Snipers

    The American Snipers program is entirely funded by civic donations and currently staffed by both operational and retired US police and military snipers (or members of their families). They support American snipers down-range in multiple theaters.

    The TC Foundation provides ongoing support to American Snipers. Tom also has a close relationship with the American Snipers founders and a deeply personal connection to their cause. All monies donated to American Snipers go directly back into the organization and no person ever has, or ever will draw a salary from the efforts of the organization.

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  7. White Heart Foundation Website
    Military & Contractors White Heart Foundation

    The White Heart Foundation was set up to honor veterans by creating a web page where donors can choose and donate to a veteran they wish to support. This organization gives 100 cents of every dollar to the veteran, a feat that very few veteran charities accomplish. The funds are allocated to provide services, products and assistance to the Vets.

    Every year, the White Heart Foundation also honors a specific veteran for The Ride to the Flags. Please consider supporting this cause as Tom Clarke® has done since White Heart’s beginning.

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  8. Navy Seal Foundation Website
    Military & Contractors Navy Seal Foundation

    A great cause for our warriors and their family’s. 97% of the NSF proceeds go to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families. Tommy Knife® has proudly offered its custom, one of a kind knives, for charitable auctions.

    The United States Navy SEAL warriors and their families cannot prevail these challenges alone. Please help us preserve our mission and families for future generations of freedom.

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  9. Agricultural Farm Special Needs Frozen Smiles

    Frozen Smiles blossomed from Arabella's simple, heartfelt desire to see joy light up the faces of the elderly. With a spirit as gentle as a snowflake and warm as a summer breeze, she set out to turn fleeting moments into lasting 'Frozen Smiles.' Guided by her charming motto, "A smile a day keeps the frowns away," Arabella spreads cheer, one Frozen Smile at a time.

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  10. Environmental & Technology FIA Foundation

    The FIA Foundation revs up the engine of change, dedicating its efforts to ensuring safe and healthy journeys, whether on the track or on the road. Their mission is twofold: to safeguard people's well-being and to protect the planet we call home. The TC Foundation proudly stands in solidarity with the FIA Foundation, backing their visionary initiatives that drive progress forward. Together, they're steering towards a future where every mile traveled is a step closer to safer roads, healthier communities, and a greener planet. With the FIA Foundation leading the charge, the road to a brighter tomorrow is clear and promising.

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