Frozen Smiles

Frozen Smiles blossomed from Arabella's simple, heartfelt desire to see joy light up the faces of the elderly. With a spirit as gentle as a snowflake and warm as a summer breeze, she set out to turn fleeting moments into lasting 'Frozen Smiles.' Guided by her charming motto, "A smile a day keeps the frowns away," Arabella spreads cheer, one Frozen Smile at a time.

Frozen Smiles' Beginnings

At the heart of Frozen Smiles is Arabella's selfless spirit and her desire to bring joy to others. This beautiful initiative, born from her own thoughtful creativity, unfolds every Friday at 10:30 with the special moment that follows. Arabella, guided by nominations from staff and community members, delivers a "free smile" to those unsuspecting residents who've been chosen to have their spirits uplifted. Each gift is a token of Arabella’s kindness – handmade vases adorned with her logo and a bow, logo hats, fidgets, and specially designed t-shirts for diabetic recipients in place of the traditional 1lb chocolate bar.

With each delivery, she shares a personalized touch, a handwritten card, and a Polaroid photo of their shared moment, placed in a decorative stand frame. These moments of happiness are immortalized on the Frozen Smiles bulletin board, showcasing 60 lives touched and transformed by Arabella’s heartfelt gesture. This simple yet profound act of giving has woven a tapestry of smiles across the community, making Frozen Smiles a beacon of hope and happiness.

Frozen Smiles Volunteering

At just 10 years old, at merely 10, Arabella's generous heart shines brilliantly, touching lives across her community with boundless kindness. Her days are filled with love, from the serene corridors of senior homes to the lively energy of animal shelters and the bustling warmth of food banks. With a soul far wiser than her years, she brings light and joy everywhere she goes. Arabella's gentle touch extends to calling bingo numbers and painting nails at senior homes, adding a splash of color and a ray of happiness to the lives of the elderly. Her selfless actions, driven by a deep and sincere wish to make a difference, are weaving a beautiful tapestry of joy and hope, one Frozen Smile gesture at a time.

Bringing Smiles Everywhere

Founded in Nevada in 2022, our charity began with a heartfelt mission: to bring joy to senior homes through the distribution of Frozen Smiles. This initiative quickly garnered appreciation, touching the lives of many elders. As we look to the future, our aspirations include expanding our reach.

By 2024, we aim to extend our charitable activities to Florida’s senior communities and beyond, continuing our commitment to spreading smiles and warmth to more communities.