The TC Foundation relies heavily on a motivated and dedicated group of leaders to manage the day-to-day operations, coordinate fundraising efforts, and oversee the overall goals and objectives of the organization. They come from a broad range of backgrounds and have a diversity of expertise and experience that spans military & contractors, agriculture, construction, technology, law, business, and entrepreneurship. Board Members of the TC Foundation are unpaid, allowing the TC Foundation to use 100% of its funds for its work making the world a better place.

  1. Tom Clarke
    Tom Clarke Chairman

    Tom Clarke® is a successful entrepreneur who fuses his decades of international and domestic corporate success with an elite tactical mindset. Excelling in areas of team leadership, he is extremely proficient at seeking out qualified individuals and properly placing those with certain skill sets to organize international corporations in structure and rapid execution of solutions to meet their objectives. He developed and instructed unconventional warfare resolutions for the most elite units, agencies and private contractors. Additionally, Tom designed and conducted sleep deprivation protocols for rapid advancement of learning methods to meet time‑sensitive training demands and developed sleep deprivation courses for accelerated learning and vulnerabilities encountered at breaking points of captivity.

    At TC’s stage in life the TC Foundation is a primary focus assisting in many areas working his entrepreneurial mind relentlessly. A foundation to serve those who have served and also many others areas that are most needed.

    Tom Clarke Website

    Tom Clarke® is a Registered Trademark with the USPTO and may only be used with permission.

  2. Heather Gamez
    Heather Gamez Board Member

    Heather Gamez is an honorably discharged Air Force veteran, with over a decade of service working as a surgical first assist. She continued her career, becoming a certified surgical first assist post-military, while simultaneously developing a successful real estate business and portfolio. On a personal level, she is an avid runner and health advocate maintaining an elite level of fitness and discipline to support all of her work.

    Heather's experience, kind spirit, creativity, and tireless efforts serve the foundation in all areas, ensuring its guiding principles are met and all of its efforts are followed through on. With Heather's help, the TC Foundation will have a bigger impact on every problem it works to solve.

  3. Joe Clarke
    Joe Clarke Board Member

    Joe began working with his brother Tom at a young age training and also working on projects. Joe then continued as Tom headed out of the country often. Joe heading up large construction projects for developments, retail buildings, medical buildings spanning half the globe, among many others. His attention to detail and operational efficiency are revered, as is his leadership on complex projects. He also worked in several businesses with his brother, Tom, where they developed a strong working relationship at young ages. During Joe's time working the leadership of the ATAC Global Range Day® for 47+ countries in support of the Global War of Terror., he worked closely with many others on the leadership team as the team leader of the ATAC Global Range Day. Joe brings a wealth of knowledge to the TC Foundation, a hardened focus on the values of the foundation, and the ability for the TC Foundation to truly build anything to support its mission.

  4. Mike Kelp
    Mike Kelp Board Member

    Mike Kelp learned his mother's work ethic and his father’s entrepreneurial spirit early, working in his father’s machine shop at age 9. He soon started his first technology consulting business and grew to work on many large scale projects. Mike earned the privilege of working on early stage projects with Tom Clarke for two decades, which grew into building companies and leading many companies in a multi-billion dollar portfolio across many industries. Since the early ATAC Global days and ATAC Range Day® events, Mike has worked alongside many on the leadership team on charitable projects and plans for the ways in which this team can work towards a better world.

  5. David Stull
    David Stull Board Member

    David Stull is a service member in the United States Navy that has served for 27 years with loyalty and honor. He has had the privilege to work alongside our nation's finest men and women in all the armed forces. He has dedicated his life to the legacy for those who have fallen on and off the battlefield. Tom and Dave have worked closely for many years and as a board member for TC Foundation, David is devoted to providing services in support of military veteran families, law enforcement, and federal organizations.

  6. Rico Ebetino
    Rico Ebetino Board Member

    Rico Ebetino hails from Indiana where he earned a B.S. in Aeronautical / Astronautical Engineering at Purdue University. Upon graduation, he commissioned into the United States Navy serving 9 years in Naval Special Warfare. While deploying in support of Global War of Terror, he was honored to briefly serve alongside the men and women heroes that have dedicated their lives to preserving freedom, many of whom have given the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation.

    Rico and Tom’s relationship spans numerous years in many industries. As a board member for TC Foundation, Rico is honored and dedicated to providing life changing impact for military veterans and their families, youth development organizations, and various public service and health programs.

  7. Daniel Gozick
    Daniel Gozick Board Member

    Daniel was born into a military family, growing up his family moved around the country assigned to different military bases. Despite the ever-changing scenery and a lack of roots, he was determined to make the best of the situation. As he grew older, he was increasingly drawn to the world of business, and was determined that he would one day own his own company.

    Daniel's dreams were constantly challenged, but he was determined to reach his goal. He worked hard and saved money, and eventually, he was able to open his own business. He now provides meaningful job opportunities to people in his local community, and his commitment to making a difference is clear. He has become an example of what hard work and dedication can do.

    Prior to his role as a board member at TC Foundation, Daniel served as an investor, CTO, and owner of numerous companies and works daily with Tom over many years now on a variety of projects worldwide.