The TC Foundation's Donation of $125,000 in Targets Boosts Training and Preparedness in the Las Vegas Valley

In a significant move to support both community members and first responders, The TC Foundation recently donated $125,000 worth of steel targets to the Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club (DSPRC). This generous contribution is set to benefit a wide array of individuals, particularly private contractors, military, first responders, and law enforcement. The DSPRC provides a firearm training range of 450+ acres. The TC Foundation enhances the club's resources by donating equipment for training and practice. Steel targets are a crucial component in shooting practice, known for their durability and the immediate feedback they provide, making them an invaluable asset for many training scenarios.

Tom Clarke®, the driving force behind The TC Foundation's philanthropic endeavors, expressed his satisfaction with the donation. "We know that the targets will go to great use at the range. It makes me very happy to know our first responders will have the equipment they need to train safely and more effectively." TC stated, highlighting the foundation's dedication to supporting those who serve and protect the community.

This donation is particularly significant for law enforcement and first responders in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the range is located. Access to quality training equipment is essential for maintaining their proficiency and preparedness. Helping these professionals hone their skills in a controlled environment is vital to improving all facets of law enforcement. Moreover, the durability of these targets ensures long-term use, making this a lasting contribution to the club and its members.

For the members of the DSPRC, this donation is a welcome enhancement to their facilities. It offers an opportunity to train with equipment that is often exclusive to professional settings, thereby elevating the overall experience and quality of practice available.

The TC Foundation's donation to the Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club is more than just a financial contribution; "It is an investment in the safety and preparedness of the Las Vegas community," stated Tom Clarke. This donation reflects a deep understanding of the needs of those dedicated to law enforcement and military service, as well as a commitment to supporting the broader community. An understanding that comes from Tom Clarke's long history of philanthropy. ATAC Global, under Tom Clarke's guidance, has made significant contributions to the Las Vegas Valley's law enforcement, CSI, federal agencies, and first responders over decades. ATAC Global’s Range Day event at Nellis Air Force Base underscores the reputation Tom has built in the defense world, with more than 50 countries attending the private event to come together in the global war against terrorism.