TC Foundation Celebrates the Heartwarming Initiative of Frozen Smiles, Propelled by Arabella's Selfless Spirit

Las Vegas, Nevada December 31, 2023 — At the core of the TC Foundation's mission is a commitment to supporting initiatives. One remarkable initiative that has captured our hearts is "Frozen Smiles." This heartwarming endeavor, driven by the youthful spirit of entrepreneur Arabella, has ignited a special passion within our organization. Arabella's thoughtful ideas and dedication have moved us deeply, inspiring us to support her journey of selfless giving and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that burns brightly within her.

Today we are thrilled to spotlight "Frozen Smiles," an extraordinary project led by Arabella, a remarkable individual with a heart as warm as the sun. This heartwarming endeavor epitomizes the essence of charity, spreading joy and hope throughout our community.

Frozen Smiles, a brainchild of Arabella's boundless creativity, has become a weekly ritual, taking place every Friday, that has brought immeasurable happiness to those fortunate enough to be touched by its magic. At its core, Frozen Smiles is about delivering "free smiles" to unsuspecting residents, chosen through nominations from both staff and community members.

Arabella's dedication to this mission is evident in every smile she delivers, and her gifts are tokens of her unwavering kindness. The recipients of Frozen Smiles receive handmade vases, adorned with Arabella's distinctive logo and a delightful bow. In addition, logo hats that serve as stylish mementos, fidgets to soothe and calm, and specially designed t-shirts for diabetic individuals, thoughtfully chosen in place of the traditional 1lb chocolate bar.

What sets Frozen Smiles apart is the personalized touch Arabella imparts to each delivery. Alongside her thoughtful gifts, she includes a handwritten card, conveying her heartfelt wishes and spreading warmth through her words. To capture the essence of these shared moments, Arabella presents each recipient with a Polaroid photo, carefully displayed in a decorative stand frame. These snapshots of happiness not only serve as keepsakes but also symbolize the indomitable spirit of giving that thrives within our community.

Arabella's dedication and the impact of Frozen Smiles are poignantly displayed on the Frozen Smiles bulletin board. This board stands as a testament to the 60 lives Arabella has touched and transformed with her generous and heartfelt gesture. Each photograph, each handwritten note, and each gift contribute to weaving a tapestry of smiles across our community, making Frozen Smiles a radiant beacon of hope and happiness.

As Tom Clarke, Chairman of the TC Foundation, aptly states, "We all took special interest in Frozen Smiles. Watching a young entrepreneur develop such thoughtful ideas at a young age is truly inspiring. We are very proud to stand behind this worthy cause, empowering Arabella to continue her wonderful journey of helping others while embracing the young entrepreneurial spirit."

The TC Foundation is honored to support this extraordinary initiative, which aligns perfectly with our mission of fostering a spirit of giving, compassion, and unity. We believe that acts of kindness, like those exhibited by Arabella through Frozen Smiles, have the power to create a ripple effect of positivity that extends far beyond their immediate recipients.

In recognition of Arabella's remarkable work, the TC Foundation is supporting Arabella in her mission, celebrating her unwavering commitment to spreading smiles and joy throughout our community. We hope that her dedication inspires others to embark on similar journeys of giving and compassion.

Arabella's Frozen Smiles initiative is a testament to the incredible impact that one individual's selflessness can have on an entire community. It serves as a shining example of the values we hold dear at the TC Foundation and reminds us all of the boundless potential for good that resides within each of us.

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