About Us

A world of shared happiness begins with every little kind gesture you make towards the needy and less privileged. We can create a happy, safe, secure and peaceful society when there’s an opportunity for every child to be exposed to civilization through quality basic education. When the youths do not have to engage in robbery and prostitution to finance their education or start a business.
How much can the rich give back that will be enough to assist victims of natural and man made disasters, support the physically disabled, provide vocational training and start up supports to youths that are willing to be economically engaged and build for better future?
The rich alone cannot shoulder this responsibility. The burden will be lighter if we all care enough to make a donation.
When you lie on the comfort of your bed, think about the kid lying on the street pavement, when you have your choice meal, think about the people who need just any thing to fill the stomach.
We agree that you do not have all, but you know you have enough to feed, keep a roof above your head, dress for comfort and save for rainy days. If you do, then you have enough to share.
A $3 or #1, 000 donation is more than enough to not just put a smile on someone’s face but give that person a reason to live. Please save a soul!
TC Foundation (Tony Chukwuemeka Foundation) is a registered Non Governmental Organization (CAC/IT/NO 96765) working towards helping the poor and the needy in our society.
This Organization works to provide medical care to children and the old who cannot afford medical care, engage youths on vocational training and empowering them with start up capital, providing relief materials, rehabilitation programs and resettlement opportunities to victims of disaster, shelter for the homeless and food for the needy.
With your support, we can do more to bring smiles on the faces of people who seem to have forgotten what it feels like to truly smile because they have not found genuine reason to.
Be that Creator of Smiles.. Donate!!!

Aims and Objectives 

1) To help the poor and the less privilege in our society
2) Giving general assistance to people in disaster throughout the global community
3) Training, skill acquisition, resettling the physically challenged persons.
4)Collaborating with global community projects of poverty alleviation
5) To promote Charitable intervention and relief to victims of tragedies as well as social rehabilitation through vocational training centers and provide self-reliance projects that enhances personal and domestic prosperity of people
6) To pursue activities geared towards relieving the sufferings and promoting the interest of the poor and vulnerable persons
7) To carry out programs and events in conjunction or partnership with other organizations seeking for the general welfare in people
8) To eradicate poverty amongst the youths in the region
9) To promote and support youth innovators who are creating sustainable enterprises
10) To provide capacity building of youths and developing their skill set as a potential for foreign assistance