Building a Better Future

The TC Foundation plays an important role in making the world better by supporting those that keep us safe while working to advance Agriculture, Technology, Energy, and Entrepreneurship.

About the TC Foundation

The TC Foundation stands firmly behind its commitment to the very worthy causes it has supported, and will continue to do so long after Tom is no longer able to do so. The TC Foundation's intention is to expand its outreach to those that need its help, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Defense - Supporting Military and Contractors. Taking care of those that keep us safe.
  • Agriculture - Supporting our farmers with projects that make healthier food sustainable for them and available to everyone.
  • Technology - Supporting the causes that protect citizens and projects that bring innovation back to the forefront of our markets.
  • Energy - Supporting energy independence and advancements that benefit everyone.
  • Entrepreneurship - Supporting the next entrepreneurs to ensure a vibrant future of real innovators, workers, and competition.
  • Special Needs - Supporting the people and interests that need our help, but are often left unsupported by society.
  • Wellness Research & Solutions - Supporting the advancement in health and wellness through innovative research and practical, evidence-based solutions.
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